Winterburn Bottle Depot
21410 - 100 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5T 5X9
Raised $172.60 in 2019
and $610.20 since 2009
for Alberta Cans for Kids
I would like to applaud the Winterburn Bottle Depot for wonderful service, very polite staff and a depot that doesn't have the typical offensive odors of some of the older depots. I love the location as you can see by my address I only live a couple of minutes away and this location is very convenient. Thank you to all of your efforts at the Winterburn Bottle Depot :)
Great location for people just west or south west of city!! Excellent helpful staff, especially when I had 7 large bagfuls to bring in the door. Michael was very pleasant, quick and helpful.
Because of thier hard work and dedication to customer service
I love the fast service . Friendly faces and welcoming attitudes!!
Friendly and fast service Contests for customers.
This depot is clean and well organized. The employees are friendly and professional
I applaud this depot because... the staff, working the morning of March 26, 2017 was extremely helpful and friendly. Possibly the best bottle depot experience I've had. I would definitely come back to this location for my next bottle return. Keep up the great work!
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