Whitecourt Bottle Depot
3825 - 36 Street, Whitecourt, Alberta T7S 1P2
Closed. Opens at 10:00 AM
Raised $4674.75 since 2009
for Alberta Cans for Kids
The Whitecourt depot picks up bottles at the Community Lunch Box Society and has a bin for the Society outside the depot. This assists the Society to gather bottles and employ adults with disabilities hired to sort them. The bottle money the Society collects is also used to buy food for school lunches. Thank you for your kindness.
Friendly efficent staff. I got full refund with my bottles.
All visits to the Whitecourt depot are great. Always smiling faces, very friendly and great service. Always a pleasure to stop by.
Great friendly service! Great location. Nice personnel.
Whitecourt bottle depot was a great help when we were fundraising for MS is BS. They even donated $20.00. Thank you so much.
I bring unsorted bottles. They sorted and counted it fast. Good service.
It's good service, everybody is friendly and smiling.
Im currently living in Fox Creek. But i like to come to Whitecourt bottle because of there fast, honest and friendly service. Staff make my day when I go there.
Grest service.very polite people. Very helpful. Awesome.
Always great service and always quick and accurate!
The service is good. The cashier is friendly. They have a quick service.
I got good service at this bottle for about 6 years or more.
Awesome Job!!! Very courteous and friendly. Keep it up.
I've been going to this bottle for about 3 years now. I like their fast service and honestly. The owners and the employees are very friendly. Keep it up.
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