Universal Bottle Depot
3814 - 47 Avenue, Camrose, Alberta T4V 3W8
Raised $110 since 2009
for Alberta Cans for Kids
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My first experience at this recycling depot was very positive. I had been receiving negative comments about the place and decided to see for myself.Boy were they wrong. They are very efficient clean and honest.šŸ‘šŸ˜Š
Best crew and best customer service!!! Very few places you can go and be met with this level of care, a smile and help like this. Great job to the team and whoever is running the crew!!!
I applaud this Depot, because it is easy to find, friendly people, honest
Amazing staff always nice and friendly. Very helpful and efficient. I appreciate their hard work. Great job to the staff at Camrose universal bottle depot :)
Throughout the month of September, Camrose Academy of Dance held a fundriaising event where dancers brought in recycling and proceeds were tallied and applied towards their individual accounts. The staff and volunteers of the Camrose Bottle Depot were exceptiional. I would barely back in with my recycyling and someone was there to unload, sort and get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. My daughter was able to raise $300 towards her dance fees and for that I am grateful to the Universal Bottle Depot in Camrose.
I have been going to this depot for 25 years. They are always friendly, helpful and like to have fun with their customers. Great customer service everytime.
Great staff and great facility - what more does Camrose need or want. Keep up the good work. Thnax1
Grace Torpe the owner always has a smile and the boys especially Matt and chad always come to help me great place Iā€™m in and out in minutes great service
Great people, great service and to community service and donations
Grace is an awesome person to deal with. always happy when dealing there!
She is always very pleasant and accommodating. Such a super lady
I have been going to this depot since i was a child with my Mom and every single time we go, Grace and her staff are always smiling and helpful. Grace has ran this depot for 35 + years ( I'm sure). I appreciate the smiling face s and the fact that they remember my name and help me sort and count my cans and bottles and carry them to cash them in. Grace does so much for the community by allowing bottle drives to help support Cadets, guides and also supports the Camrose Legion by volunteering herself for numerous events and that helps our community. Every Thursday she volunteers to run BINGO after running her own business at the depot as well as that... she is the President of the Ladies Auxiliary. Our community is blessed to have Grace and her staff.
Organized oh so helpful, friendly, efficient, and the staff are normal people. Kudos to the Camrose Depot.
Very Clean and accurate pleasant staff very accesable
I applaud this depot because the staff are friendly and quick to help me unload my bottles and sort them too, They are always accurate in how many bottles I turn in.
They are very helpful and efficient. Easy accessible and roomy
In a small town we only have the one depot, they are accommodating to the community and make bringing the bottles down enjoyable.
Recycling is an important activity.
I am truly amazed at the friendliness of the staff. They are always eager to help in any way they can, and even in the "wasp season" they are out on the front lines assisting people. I think they do an amazing job in helping the environment, and serving their customers.
Camrose Universal Bottle Depot should be Applauded because of the excellent service. The owners and their staff are extremely helpful and friendly. When one drives up to unload their returns - someone is there to help you immediately. They will take the time to place the bottles in boxes - and carry it to the refund office. Great work Camrose!.
the staff is amazing... fast workers... friendly, reliable, they do all the work... the best for sure
The people that work there are awesome. I got there today and didn't even get out of my car and they were all ready to go. It only took a few minutes and I was finished. This depot has a great group of guys and girls and very polite. A super group of workers.
They always have very good service
They are always helpful and happy, my bottles are almost sorted by the time I leave my car!
The Camrose Bottle Depot staff are always very friendly and eager to help. As soon as I arrive there is always someone immediately coming to help me unload and carry my empties into the depot, never in may a life have I been to such a friendly helpful depot. They also have several local charities on record that you can donate your refund to directly at the depot. I'm very thankful to have such a great local depot. Keep up the great work
The staff is always super friendly. They are right out there ready to help you unload your bottles from your vehicle ( sometimes before I'm even out of my car ). They always help me sort and count my bottles. Fast service in and out in 10 minutes. Very clean. Provide a wash station for your hands in case they get sticky.
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