Slave Lake Bottle Depot
405 Caribou Trail NW, Slave Lake, Alberta T0G 2A1
Raised $40 since 2009
for Alberta Cans for Kids
I bring in the most horrible load of bottles and they always make me feel like its no big deal!
This bottle depot is excellent - clean - courteous and very efficient. The people there are friendly and always smile when they give you your money.
This family run depot is a clean, friendly and very efficient place to deal with.
Whenever you go into the depot they are always welcoming with a smile, and small conversation. They have started the they sort the bottles, and it makes it less time consuming to go and do your bottles. I NEVER feel that they have short changed me, as they are a trust worth organization with Amazing workers working.
I dropped like half my beer bottles taking them inside, went back to car to clean my hands . when i came back a nice young gentleman was already cleaning up my mess. That is not part of their job and i am ever so appreciative of the great hospitality of our depot .
i had a really pleasing visit. first off, it was my very first visit to this depot here & all my questions were very well answered.. i had no issues, it was easy and the staff was very attending And helpful!! :)
i think they have wonderful service and should get recognized for it. Never have i or many people i know have a problem with the depot. I've heard most depot's rip you off, but not here. Not a single complain with slave lake bottle depot!
Because they deserve it! I am so pleased with our depot and am definitely going to be applauding it!!! The workers there are very helpful and kind! Always smiling and never cranky. Someone always sees to us if there is a long line-up keeping us updated on how long the wait will be. And the owner is a very nice and genuine man! Hats of to him for the great business!!
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