Morinville Bottle Depot
9903 - 100 Street, Morinville, Alberta T8R 1R4
Open. Closes at 5:00 PM
Raised $3199.15 since 2009
for Alberta Cans for Kids
Excellent fast service and friendly staff who always have a smile 😊
We have used the mobile service of the Morinville bottle depot for a few years now. Gus and his son Ryan have been pleasant and helpful each and every time we call on them. Recently we have had a push on fundraising because our teams are off to a national competition in London, Ont. Gus was able to juggle his trucks to ensure he was available on the one date our team could do. We had out regular Bottle drive and decided to do an impromptu drive the very next day. Ryan offered to assist and made special arrangements to assist us. We really enjoy Gus and Ryan, and I feel they genuinely care.
They work super fast! They are always happy and work to make the lines move along. I really am thankful for their service in my community!
They are a super friendly bunch. They work as a team to get you in and out with minimal waiting. They are always accurate on the return $$ amount :)
I have had only good service there - it is fairly clean and the staff is friendly - when there is a line up at the regular window - the manager will open a second window so as not to keep people waiting
They are always friendly and helpful. They sort the cans and bottles and give a true refund for the empties every time. There is another depot closer to home but they are not as friendly and get upset if the empties are not sorted and labeled. We go nowhere else now. They are a great team.
I travel 20 mins to go to the Morinville depot for the service and trust. They are very dependable.
I like the fact that they have donation bins right in front of the drop off windows and will sometimes ask if you want to donate to local charities. Unfortunately, I don't live in that specific community (I'm 20 minutes away) to know if they do anything else. But I do like that what they do offer is out front and in the open to make sure that it is seen!
We've lived in Morinville for 28yrs and have always used the morinville depot for recycling our bottles and cans. They are very pleasant and accomodating. If there is a line up of vehicles waiting they open up the front of the depot so they are able to put through people faster. I personally know a your lady who was employed with the Morinville bottle depot for several years while she was in grade school and she shared with me that the family who runs the store were very kind, fair and respectful to all their employees. I think it's awesome when a small town can employ young people without vehicles giving them work experience. For these reasons I feel our Morinville bottle depot deserves to be applauded!!
Staff are friendly and courteous. Even if you bring containers that aren't excepted, they take a moment to explain to you why it isn't accepted, in a friendly manner.
The Staff that you employ there are very courteous , they come out to your Vehicle and ask you how much you have to return and at that point will guide you to the furtherest window instead of having you wait.I know that they are very trusting and friendly. I find that they will go out of their way to accommodate you and to do that type of work deserves an APPLAUSE on it's own.
always friendly good service
I think that Morinville Bottle Depot should be applauded because of their staff, service and diligence. While you are in line, if there is any staff available, they will open up another area in which to serve. I never have to worry about the money that is owed to me; they are honest. Staff ensures a pleasant experience when you use their facility.
They are always helpful in getting people through if busy. Friendly encounters and conversations. They are always accurate when I go.
The staff is very friendly and I am always greeted with a smile. They also have a lot of information brochures on bottle recycling which has been very helpful.
Effeciency and hard working staff
This is the most amazing Bottle Depot i have been too. The young people that work there are so fast and friendly. They count out loud and use counting tools so that visually you know they are not missing anything. I always leave with exactly the amount of money i am suppose to.
The depot is open long hours and is staffed with community youth who work hard and are very pleasant.
The staff at Morinville are pleasant, hardworking, and honest. This is the cleanest bottle depot I have ever seen.
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