Manning Bottle Depot
16035 Fort Road NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5Y 6A3
Closed. Opens at 8:30 AM
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The staff are always incredibly helpful, friendly, efficient, and fast. I always have my kids with me and they love going there to see their automated machines and watch them count the bottles.
I like going to this bottle depot because the service is fast and the staff are courteous and friendly, when you sort your empty containers, it really speeds up the service. And using the auto counter you always get the correct refund. Also, the depot is kept clean and does not stink like other bottle depots, I tell my friends to go there.
Every time I go to this bottle depot, the people are friendly and very efficient. I have sent my neighbours here and they love it as much as we do. The counts are accurate and the extra drive time to get here is more than made up for in the fast service.
I applaud this depot for multiple reasons. My experience when visiting this depot was a pleasure in all aspects. The facility is great, it is clean, the sorting equipment is unique. Beyond the facility the staff were very nice, took the time to answer any questions. I felt transparency when they were refunding my recycle deposits. The whole experience was quick and easy.
Great facility and friendly people. Good experience every time.
They are always really friendly and passionate about their job. Fast service and a really clean facility. Keep up the good work. My new favorite depot.
Amazing customer service, highly skilled staff, informative management that helped us with the entire process, state of the art facility, we were truly impressed with our whole experience and will be recommending them to everyone we know!
Clean and friendly. Helpful understanding their process and how to improve our next visit in a. Happy manner. Very efficient and I am happy to go back again
The place is so clean. Staff is super friendly .
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