Legal Bottle Depot
4831 - 52 Street, Legal, Alberta T0G 1L0
I applaud this depot because they are fast, fair and honest. Always pleasant to deal with!
Legal Bottle Depot have been a fantastic help with our hockey team, St. Albert 15AAA Flyers with their bottle drive! Paul was extremely helpful and courteous and helped to make think run very smoothly! We will definitely be using them again for our next bottle drive(s) and would highly recommend them!
Super friendly and extremely helpful. I personally take all my bottles to this depot and we are now using them for our karate club bottle drives. Would recommend this bottle depot to anyone. Thank you Paul and your family!
Paul really helped us make our bottle drive easy. He dropped off a trailer, we filled it, he picked it up, counted and gave us a cheque. The time we saved from not having to sort (at other depots) meant that we had more people out collecting bottles. Thanks Paul!
Great, Friendly, and help with teaching recycling. Great people
Used Paul from Legal bottle depot for our bottle drive in Edmonton. Very good experience!!! honest and trustworthy. Will use them again! Thanks Paul!
Paul from the Legal Bottle Depot assisted us with our bottle drive. He was amazing, encouraging us along the way, and very helpful as well. By the end of the drive, it felt like he was one of the family. : ) Thanks Paul
Paul always comes into our school with a smile. He's friendly, funny and he makes our day! Thanks Paul for the excellent service!
We drive approx 75km to return our bottles at the Legal bottle depot - that's how much we love it! We moved out of the area about a year and a half ago - we tried a closer depot a couple of times but just didn't get the same caliber of service. I love how friendly they are - how they separate my bottles for me:) and how much attention they pay to counting it accurately. I always get a better return from them! Totally makes the drive worth it - and Legal is a super cute town!
The owners and staff operate a clean, well organized depot that's easy to access. They're friendly and welcome you with a smile when making returns. A real asset to our small community and way of life.
They go above and beyond they help unload and open bags, they are so honest its wonderful. I have never had an issue at the Legal Depot. It is well kept, it is clean for a bottle depot. They are always friendly and pleasant. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. They are wonderful!
the owner Paul has gone to great lengths to accomadate us durning our bottle drive. he is very friendly and explains things very well.
He was very friendly and told me which other containers i could refund and also gaave me a brochure. He explained to me about i could have a chance to win an ipad, and gave me all the information. It was a nice visit and I am looking forward to when |I go back.
Legal is a small town and it is hard to maintain services here. The Legal Bottle Depot continually strives to serve the community with a smile on their faces and are always pleasant to deal with. They are a great team and an asset to our community. They always are happy to help with the local bottle depot fundraisers.
They are very friendly and efficient.
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