Joussard Bottle Depot
14- 1st Avenue SW, Joussard, Alberta T0G 1J0
Closed. Opens at 11:00 AM
Raised $343.45 since 2009
for Alberta Cans for Kids
They are Very efficient and friendly. Pleasant people. Kudos to Kevin and Maureen Bell.
I applaud this depot because the employees always make you feel welcomed and they do their job fast and efficiently.
They're fast and friendly and I trust their counting. Also they're open on the weekends for convenience.
EXCELLENT SERVICE! Fast, friendly and easy going relaxed people. I visit the depot quite often and they are always great to deal with. I do not even go to any of the other local depots because I know the people in Joussard are dedicated, hard working people And definitely deserving to be recognized for they're awesome service.
because they do the sorting, are fast , friendly and it's inside.
It is a very nice places to go to refund on the bottles. The places is clean and easy access to dump bottles and it indoors. The people who work there always are nice and approachable.
The people at Joussard are friendly, helpful, and count super fast!
They should be applauded because they are so efficient and help in a big way to keep our environment cleaner. The depot is always neat, tidy and doesn't have an odor. This depot is open at the most convenient times and if youe an appointment you may take your bottles at your own convenience. This is do time efficient for busy people.
the staff is very friendly,helpful and honest enjoy going there
They pay you cash, treat you like people, they work very fast, there is never an order too small or too big. And most of all, they never hand out IOUs
The people that own/run the bottle depot are fast , honest , happy . They have never run out of money . They appreciate that the local people have used them soon as they were open for business. They are flexible for taking in orders, if they are not open on a certain day and somebody phones , they will run down to depot and take care of business . they also schedule appointments for customers ,so the customers have the best service possible. and if they have to do pick ups . They do not charge , like other one do.
The people that work at this bottle depot are hard workers ,and every time that i have went i have felt welcome .Its so easy to talk to the workers after their done sorting and they are always happy when people come in ...They have the real Canadian attitude, i believe they should be noticed for this since now a day seems rare.
For starters, the couple that run the depot are very down to earth. They offer their customers a pick up service and communication via text message. Appointments can also be made at the last minute and they have never denied me service on the days they are closed and only doing appointments. I always recommend to friends and family that they take their recyclables here. The staff are quick and thoughtful with providing two sinks to clean up in after unloading a mess of bottles. I actually look forward to going to this little bottle depot because of the people and their kind service.
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