Campbell Park Bottle Depot
35 Corriveau Avenue, St. Albert, Alberta T8N 5A3
This depot is always busy but you never have to wait, they are super efficient. As well, the installation of the computers, with screens facing the customer, create a transparency many other depots do not yet have.
I met with Sam the manager to talk about one of our fundraiser at our school. He immediately got our fundraiser set up through a bottle collection once a week and a bottle drive on a specific day. We collected 300$ over the period of the fundraiser. It was an easy, worry-free, flexible experience. We were communicating easily by text message and Sam was available all the time. Great involvement of the staff at the depot as well. We even used some hours for our students as community hours during the collection of bottles. Thank you Campbell Park Bottle Depot! AAA
The men and women at this location are super friendly and the service is so so quick! Thank you !!
Sanjeewa should be applauded for his outstanding behaviour.
It's fast, the staff are so helpful!
They made the process of charity fundraising easy and had a safe area away from the public for the adults and youth to work together with commaradarie.
We were allowed to reserve a large area with access for our vehicles to drop off recycling. A well organized sorting area large enough for our team to sort indoors out of the weather and plenty of bins for sorting. After we were done, it took 6 hours, the Campbell Park Bottle Depot made a donation to our team also. We raised over $2000 dollars thanks to the depot.
They provide organizations a place to fund raise as well as donate to their cause.
They work hard, are always ready to help out and are polite and kind to us whenever we drop our cans and bottles off.
The staff are very friendly. They help bring your bags of bottles from your vehicles to the windows, help with the flow of traffic. This depot is one of the quickest and most efficient I have been to. They ALWAYS greet you with a SMILE and say goodbye.
The staff are really helpful. The lines are often short. And you can see that everyone is working hard.
Above average service and a low wait time to be served.C.W. Laderoute
They opened up the side to be able to serve 4 customers at a time.
This is by far my favorite bottle depot! The staff are always efficient and friendly, the counting is always accurate, and I like that they have baby wipes for cleaning my hands after. I also like being able to park right by the sorting area.
Never would have thought I'd chose to write a comment about my favourite bottle depot .... but here I am! I am 50+ years old and have been taking bottles to a depot for a refund for many many many years. Usually it is a task I don't particularly enjoy. Probably because for years I have done my exchange with people who acted like they wished they were somewhere else rather than working there and serving me. At other locations I have been lectured for not sorting my bottles properly. The Campbell Park Bottle Depot always greets me as a valued customer. They are fast, efficient, friendly and never once have they scolded me for my poor sorting skills! The location being close to my work is nice but it is the staff that keep me going back. Since discovering this depot I don't mind taking my bottles in anymore. Sometimes I actually look forward to it because they make it so painless! So a big shout of for a job well done to these guys!
The depot is very clean and organized, they keep the customer area tidy and even have handy wipes at the window. When ever I have needed help unloading, the staff never hesitate to lend a hand. I like the fact that when you are there they are rite down to biz and waist no time. Fast, Friendly and efficient!
Going to the bottle depot used to be such a chore! Long lineups and grumpy staff made the task very tedious. The St.Albert cambell park depot is actually a pleasure to visit. The staff greet you when you arrive and are extremely well organized. You can hear the communication amongst the workers. You can easily tell that it's a well managed business by the efficiency in which you are checked through. I'll never go to another depot again?
Consistent, Reliable, and Community focused in the process of relieving the world of waste one bottle at a time.
These guys always work very hard, and always are polite and provide great service. The whole trip to the depot is fast and very simple. Thanks!
They are always quick accurate and friendly. They will also take large returns (from minor sports teams) with no notice. Thank you Campbell park
The people at the Campbell Bottle Depot are quite nice and respectful. They are very quick at counting and always get all of the bottles. All of the people I have delivred my bottles to have been helpful and respectful. They are quite efficient at their job and never seem to fail to finish our family and my bottles. They ask, for example, if we have any more glass bottles left and that makes them more efficient. Another reason is, They are really quite organized. Yes the glass bottles are loud and maybe someone dropped a bottle cap, but out of the bottle depots I have been to, this one is the cleanest and most organized.
I have been going to this depot ever since I moved to St. Albert 9 years ago. During this time I was always impressed by the politeness of the employees and the professionalism they always show. The working area always appears to be very tidy and everything is stacked neatly. I have been to other depots and I know that is not always the case. It is a nice place to take my bottles and will continue to do so.
well organized
Great staff, they manage to keep the lineup moving even on the busiest days. They are fast, efficient and helpful. They carefully count unsorted bottles and trust us when we've pre-counted our bottles. We go there by at least once a week and we've never had a complaint!
They provide awesome customer service. They have 5 cashiers open, so there are no long waits. They are very efficient and quick and move people through very fast. They are always pleasant and friendly. They are accurate, and have installed computer screens so you can view the counts and amount of refunds.
The men are efficient and fast also friendly. I love the one guy who always wears shirts that make a statement of truth. My depot is on the opposite side of the city from my house but I think out of the two in st. albert it is the better one and set up much more efficiently
I think that the automated system with the computor screen looking at giving you instant return $ amounts is great, the staff are friendly and even get people on their if they are not paying attention in line, It moves rather quickly.
I have just delivered my bottles and cartons. The service was quick and efficient with pleasant smiling service. It is always a pleasant experience to go there. even after I moved I go continue to come here because they are fast, friendly and I like the employees.
I take my school recycle containers to the depot and they always greet me with a smile and now call me by name. They always joke with me quizzing me on how many juice boxes/bottles/cans/milk cartons I have. They never complain and move along the lineups with ease.
We live in Edmonton and drive out to this depot because they are always fast and friendly. It is also clean. They are awesome.
They are nice guys!
For the above reasons. They are quick, efficient & very friendly!
The men at this depot were very friendly and quick. They counted my $27.50 worth of bottles in a very reasonable amount of time! The walk up made it worth wide as well!!
All staff are very friendly and continually provide service that is fast and efficient. They are great to deal with and make it an enjoyable experience
Most caring and friendly people work here. They work very quickly and efficiently. Never a problem getting the bottles counted with all the workers there. Never had a miscount, never a problem
I have tried other bottle depots in St Albert and have had a very long wait for my turn. This depot is very efficient and my wait time is nonexistent. I never have had to count my bottles and cans as they are extremely honest. When I first started going there many years ago, I would count everything because of a couple of bad experiences elsewhere. After several experiences of complete and total accuracy on their part I discontinued the counting practice. I applaude the efficiency and integrity of the depot and my hat is off to them. Thank you so much Campell Depot and I will continue to cheer you on. Hip Hip Hooray!!!!! Bravo!!! Cheers!!!!
always feel like we get paid correctly
The guys at this depot are fantastic! They are speedy, polite, always quick to open up a new window, they help you with your bags, and are accurate and honest.
My schools Green Team program recycles all of our returnable beverage containers at Campbell Park Bottle Depot. We often have many bags of unsorted and uncounted containers. This never stops the crew at Campbell Park from doing an amazing job counting them all very quickly. The staff is consistently friendly and efficient. I appreciate their hard work. It's great knowing that I can get to the depot just before closing and still get excellent service. Keep up the good work!
The guys are fast, hard-working, and always seem cheerful.
I went to the Campbell Park bottle depot yesterday to return bottles. When I backed into one of the four stalls, there were already two vehicles that had customers at the two front windows. No problem, I opened the hatchback and was retrieving a can that had rolled out when a staff member rushed out the side door and said "let me get that for you" and promptly carried the box of bottles and cans into the depot to use the third till. I was so impressed! I only had the one box plus a large bag of milk jugs, so it wasn't like I had a ton to carry in. This fellow was such a gentleman. I am always impressed with the service I have gotten at the Campbell Park depot over the past 15 years. The staff always smile, are always polite, and are so nice to deal with. They definitely deserve to be Applauded! Good Job Guys!
A few families spent an exhausting Saturday collecting bottles from all around the neighbourhood for a local charity. After getting a very full truck together, we took the bottles to the Campbell Park Bottle Depot where we had made arrangements to come in and count. We went to the back and unloaded everything. Planning to see how close we each came to the real amount (trying to make the ugly job of counting everything a little more fun), I asked everyone what they thought. When the manager returned, I asked him as well and, instead, he just offered us a larger than expected cheque and said we didn't have to count it. On top of that, he threw in the money from the bottles that had been dropped off anonymously throughout the week. We were overwhelmed and grateful. We went back to the charity with a great story and a substantial cheque. THANKS for sending our kids to camp!
It seems that it is just as important to the employees here to get me through the line up as it is to me. they have made changes over the years to improve efficiency. Always very plesant
It was a Thursday morning, grey and on the edge of biting cold. These factors combined to put me in a rather sullen mood. Heading to the bottle depot was not high of my list of ways to get a lift on this cool autumn morn. I figured anyone working at the bottle depot would probably feel the same. I was glad I was wrong. When I pulled up, I was greeted with a friendly, smiling "hello". I don't know why it made such a difference - the smile - but it did. As I unloaded bag after bag, the man counting was clearly working hard, but I didn't get the sense that there was frustration or panic. He never lost that smile; he was just enjoying what he was doing. After a minute or so, a fellow worked, with the same air of efficient politeness, came to lend a hand. Even though I only had a few bags, they counted together and I got a sense that they worked well together. There was a unity and common respect there that was hard to describe. It's rare and was a welcomed surprise. And at the end, I was not only out of there a lot faster than I had anticipated, but I left with a friendly "have yourself a great day" and that same smile to keep me company as I putted away into that grey November morning, a little warmer within than when I had arrived.
The staff members work hard and they're always fast and friendly.
I moved away from St. Albert 3 years ago but still take the extra 10 min drive to Campbell Park Depot for my bottle recycling retunrs. The Campbell Park Depot is often busy but they do a great job rolling through the lines of cars and their returns. With 4 sorters open at a time and new digital displays, it is easy to keep track of your bottle count and you're out before you know it! Working in a depot can be tough and long days but the workers have never been anything but friendly. I've never had a bad experience there and I plan on continuing to make the drive out there for the foreseeable future!
The customer service provided by the employees at this Depot is always above expectation. When it looks like there may be a lineup starting, they quickly and efficiently open another station.. if the cars appear to be unsure of where to park someone appears providing direction outside of the building. Their employee service is quick and efficient. I have never seen a disgruntled employee, no matter how small or how large a load is being dropped off. Always pleasant and helpful with a station that provides the necessities to keep the area clean as well. Thank you Campbell Park Bottle Depot!
I think the St.Albert Cambell Park bottle depot should be applauded because I personally go there every time because the people who work there are the quickest in the city, they always give me amazing customer service and I always travel to them because I always have a great experience.
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