Callingwood Bottle Depot
6408 - 177 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T5T 4J5
Open. Closes at 8:00 PM
Raised $1065.30 in 2019
and $30819.30 since 2009
for Alberta Cans for Kids
Staff are always friendly, helpful, fast, courteous. I count my items but don't disclose the tally and I have never been short changed, either by accident or on purpose. Facility is pretty clean.
Deonina, Gregory and the team were a great help. I couldn't have done my charity bottle drive without them. Friendly, Cheerful and encouraging. Thank you.
Friendly staff, doing a great job for me with cheerfulness and efficiency. I always leave my change for a tip for the employee who assisted me.
Callingwood bottle depot is always clean, with friendly staff.
This is the depot closest to my house, so I try to always go to this one. The staff are friendly and efficient. Connie is hilarious and a very fast counter.
Clean & inviting. Fast & cheerful service. Friendly staff.
they are always efficient and QUICK!!
I applaud this depot because the workers are very friendly, work very fast, and always have twonies for me.
It was very clean, which is very hard to maintain. The staff is awesome. Very friendly and outgoing. Maria was extremely efficient.
I was served today by Marla and she was great,,,fast in a good mood and very polite :-)
Always orderly...even when very busy. Staff are friendly and very helpful and efficient. This is often a very busy depot but the line ups move quickly so there isn't a "time" issue. There are a number of other depots in the general area but this is and has been my first choice. KEN
I applaud this depot for being courteous and working quickly!
My son an I go to the callingwood location and every time were always in and out in a matter of minutes never had to wait in a line and even for helped carrying them up to the counter. Thank you guys My son also wanted me to say thank you for the lollipops! Always looks forward to them :)
Didn’t have to wait, got run through quickly and accurately. Staff was all awesome! Facility was very clean. Appreciate the great service.
The Depot enables our community to be clean and to enhance our home investment. With the Depot we have been able to have a car wash installed in our building primarily from the return of bottles. Together we achieve our financial goals.
This depot is consistently clean and tidy. It has quickly become my favorite because the staff are always so chipper and friendly and you can tell they enjoy their jobs! It feels great to interact with so many smiling faces!
The staff at the callingwood bottle depot go above and beyond. They are super friendly, engage in conversation and make you enjoy your visit. It's so clean there, I would eat off the floor!! Best bottle depot I've visited hands down, and I can guarantee I will be returning here every time I take in my empties! Awesome job everyone!
Ten years dealing with this depot and they are always friendly and respectful. Shout out to Monique. She actually excused herself and told me why she left the counter. Never happened before. It is people like her, and the other staff, that make this business successful. Thank you.
Yesterday was my first visit to Callingwood Bottle Depot and I was very pleasantly surprised. It was clean, painted, smelled good and was decorated for Christmas. It also had a neat line of buggies to put bottles into which on such a cold day was a real help. The staff I dealt with were extremely friendly and we had a great chat. Well well done! Even though in another part of the City I may consider coming back!
This depot is clean, well-lit and the staff are friendly, and efficient.
This depot is always very quick to get people through, and the staff are ALWAYS very friendly and patient with me (even when my son breaks a glass bottle) when I come through. There is a depot closer to my home, but I always choose to go to this one for those reasons. Thanks guys :)
Carol was fast, and very friendly! Great customer service!
The staff are always amazingly quick and very friendly. I'm always impressed.
Always service with a smile. They answer questions and take time out to speak in a kind way to all of the customers. The speed at which the line moves is always efficient. Clean facilities and a friendly staff.
EVERY TIME!.....we go to Collingwood....ALL the staff are soo very Cheerfull...and full of energy to help us! We had "3" staff wanting to help us this AM! The staff at Collingwood are MORE full of life and Positive energy....than ALL the mall people I have to deal with daily!...(and these people have to deal with my stinky...sticky ....bottle trash!) These girls need a RAISE!!!!
Rhonda is one of the many employees that both does a great job in sorting quickly and efficiently, as well as treats the public with great respect!!! I've been going to the Callingwood Bottle Depot for a number of years and have not have any problems with any of the employees. They have an excellent team!!!!
While checking the garbage cans to see if needing more attention Shelly also took the 'extra second' to pick up some little pieces of trash nearby. To me, it shows that Shelly, besides the other employees, care about making the bottle depot as presentable as possible to the public. Also, Callingwood Bottle Depot has been one of the cleanest depots I have gone to over the years.
The guys here at the depot are awesome! Always helpful, friendly and chatty! I even go out of my way to visit THIS bottle depot. These guys do an awesome job and really deserve a massive shout out for the brilliant work they do there! Thank you for making something that should be a chore to do and making it a pleasure!
They are honest , clean , helpful. I always get excellent customer service . Staff all smile & talk to me, so it makes going to this depot much more pleasant experience . I was surprised how clean it is ..the smell of rotten bottles is not issue, because it is so clean. I love going because of the HONESTY is everything to me & I have NEVER felt being taken advantage of , and that is their best policy & all the staff have been honest & helping me. I have a lung disease & I use oxygen to breathe, so the staff will give me extra helping hand , plus I get the best price & best job of staff & postive visit . I tell all my friends & we all agree the callingwood depot is the best is the best depot in Edmonton
Shannon the bottle counter was very professional! She greeted me with a smile and asked how I was doing. Afterwards she thanked me for using there depot. Also it was easy to organize my bottles to make the time go by more efficiently by Shannon letting me know when to empty my bags. The best service I ever received at a bottle depot!
Every time I visit, the crew is so cheerful and helpful. They've never missed welcoming me with a nice "Hello, how are you doing?". It's actually one of the highlights of my Saturdays!
The service was incredible! My husband and I went in on Tuesday morning and we had not been to the bottle depot in 2 years. Needless to say, we had a lot of bottles! The girl working was amazing, she had a great attitude. I really appreciated her service. Part way through our many bags of bottles, she had to go on break so another lady came in to take over. She was also wonderful! The consistency in service was great to see. I couldn't be happier with my bottle depot experience.
I found the lady (Dayonee) that helped me today was cheerful, quick and efficient at her tasks. She jumped to help customers and always apologized if/and when she had to leave her station.
Staff are polite, courteous, honest and friendly. I did live in the west end of Edmonton and only went to this depot. Now i live in St Albert and tried another depot but now am making arrangments to go back to the Callingwood depot.
We visited this Depot after New Year's holidays and it was crowded. But all the staff was very friendly and made maximum efforts to speed up all the process, due to very long line. Great teamwork and very nice people! Great job guys!
They are always on point. From properly directing traffic of carts so as many people as possible could be out of the cold to putting your cart away for you at the end of your visit all while making pleasant conversation. That's the experience I had today with numerous employees especially Shannon.
Great service, Super friendly!
Friendly staff and well organized
The staff always allow my son count along with them, they never judge as he flaps and helps count and then offer him a sucker it is his enjoyment that makes it enjoyable for everyone, our son has autism and loves to count.
Very pleasant and nice staff
The people are great!
We recently moved to this area and have been dealing there for a few months. The staff is very friendly and efficient.
Courteous and efficient service every time I go there. Really good crew that works there.
They show an interest in providing a positive customer experience.
Someone broke my car window today and the staff at the depot were so kind in lending me a broom to clean up the mess and disposing of all the shards for me, not to mention checking their security cameras to see if they could spot the culprit. Thanks again for all the help.
They are wonderful. Hardworking under pressure. Clean all the time. Happy and fun personalities that work there!! B
they are so fast and polite! Maria was our clerk who counted our bottles on february 25, 2015 at 4 pm. another clerk handed out the depot's business card to me. very nice!
They are doing an excellent job to protect the environment and help the cunsumers get rid of recycalable materials so all of us can protect the planet .
the staff is extremely sufficient..friendly and even when there is a lineup the waiting time is not very long..
Out of all the depots I have been to this one has the nicest quickest and easiest service. They are always greeting and helping you with a smile.
Oh my goodness, I'm so happy to applaud this depot! When driving by I could see that the depot was very busy and I really didn't want to go, but thought that since I was already there... anyway, while waiting in line, I watched the employees at work and was very impressed. So many smiles, so many "Please's" and "Thank you's" and even the gentleman who was cleaning up buggies and wiping counters said "You're Welcome" so politely to a customer that he made me smile in return. I was not in line up very long and when it was my turn, I was greeted by a very sweet lady (wearing a pink sweatshirt). She was so kind and her eyes lit up when she spoke. She was very efficient. Then when I received my money, the lady at the til told me to have a "very nice day". I commend the owner/manager for a job well done!! It must be a very enjoyable place to work! Thank you for helping me turn a "chore" into the brightest part of my day!!
Great and fast service.
Great staff. Fast and cheerful
The staff here are amazing. Every time I go to this depot there is a line up out the door and down the side of the building. The staff are super friendly working with the public, even when some of the customers aren't so nice to them. They are very fast at counting the empties and make the line move as fast as it possibly could move. Counting smelly empty bottles all day cannot be a very easy thing to do, and these guys do it with a smile on their face. Good job guys!
The people are extremely friendly and helpful and truly care about their job. It was my first visit and they helped me through the process, making me feel very welcome and happy to have made the effort to take empty containers. THANK YOU
all the people are very friendly and efficient. counters usually kept nice and clean.
My bottle should be applauded for their outstanding service to the community.
the team at the callingwood depot are always happy and helpful. Everyone speaks English so you understand them, they are friendly and fast!
they are very fast at sorting
Clean work place and good music
This Bottle Depot is very efficient. Today I had a great experience. A friendly lady called out to me that her station was open. She asked if I wanted my box back, which I did, instead of tossing it away. She made friendly conversation, and then asked the clerk at the til to remain there because I was heading that way. (It was june 3, 2015, Station 7, at 9:17am, if that helps identify the woman)
They all work very hard and fast and are extremely kind and friendly. One man was taking my bottles and his manager (I think?) pulled him aside to ask if he was uncomfortable, needed a break, or if he wanted water. I thought that was super kind because I've worked in stores that didn't care about your well being. It's like they're a family.
Every time we come, we are treated with respect and the bottles are sorted quickly, regardless of how many people are around or how many recyclables we have. We once brought in $300 worth from my grandparents house, and there wasn't a complaint from anyone! Not always the easiest or most fun job, but they do it so well at the Callingwood location. Bravo!
Friendly service and fast turn around time.
They open up early, it was clean and prompt services. First time to this location as normally I go centennial, or millwoods or Srathconna. This one was by far the most pleasant to go to.
Shannon was do quick and we had ALOT to sort.
judah was new and very positive. We brought in over $100 worth with many Kraft beer and he was overwhelmed. We traded him about it but he continued to say positive. I look forward to seeing him next time. I'm sure he will be a trained veteran by then :)
Everyone at this depot is always smiling. Lets face it the work may be challenging but all the people are so happy. I am always greeted with a smile and a hello. There are a couple staff members that we exchange regular chat and we always follow up. The staff all do a great job also getting carts back outside when customers leave them in and they also keep the inside working efficiently. I always thank them when i leave but I hope they get this big Thank You from both me and my partner.
their doing great job, i always visit and return empty bottles to their branch.... friendly staff..... great service too.... keep it up.....
Between fundraisers, bottle drives, and my own personal recycling I've been to almost every depot in Edmonton. Callingwood depot is hands-down, by far the best depot there is. Their staff are polite and courteous. They have computer screens which show the number, value, and totals of your recycling as they are counted and sorted. We pre-sort and count our recycling so we have a pretty good idea of what our refund should be. I've been to too many depots where I know I am being cheated out of my refund by staff, and this is never a concern here. You can watch them sort, and you can verify the count on the screens. Its great. The environment in the depot is bright and cheery, a welcome change from most. Ample carts, garbages that are frequently emptied, and courtesy sinks to wash up in afterwards all make Callingwood bottle depot a place I enjoy taking my recycling to. Great job!
Every time I go to the Callingwood bottle depot, they are always fully staffed and I don't have to wait long. They process the bottles quickly. They also have screens that show information and the amount of bottles you are depositing. Also, if things get messy they have adequate supplies to help you clean up! The employees are also very friendly.
The staff here are ALWAYS so helpful and cheery. I'm always greeted when I arrive. The managers take an active role keeping the facility clean, and organized. It's great to see the staff being led by people who put away the carts, pick up litter and help to keep the lines moving. The people who work here seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs and it is passed on to the customers.Keep up the fabulous work, your efforts are appreciated!
The people are quick and have a sense of humor.
The Callingwood Bottle depot definitely deserves to be applauded for its contribution to the community. The staff are always very helpful and friendly. I have participated in numerous bottle drives for my children's sports teams and schools and over the years the flexibility of the Callingwood Bottle depot has made each function very successful. Since we did not have big trucks or trailers to haul the bottles/cans in one load for counting, the staff let us bring in our recyclables in over a set number of hours and kept a running tally for the amount we collected. This flexibility made our events very successful. In doing this it opened up the opportunity to let our school community drop off bottles/cans and contribute to our fundraising event. I have used this service repeatedly and have always been met with friendly staff who work hard to serve their customers. It is wonderful to have a depot like this in our community that is helping individual families and larger groups save our environment and raise money for family and community needs. The staff should be commended for their positive interactions with the community. Well done Callingwood Bottle depot.
Always courteous, friendly and efficient
When I arrive at the depot there is always a long lineup. However, it moves quickly because of the organization of the depot. Every employee is always happy and helpful. There was a staff member dedicated to 'traffic control' in the depot; helping people to available windows, getting carts, identifying the end of the line. When I got to the window to return my bottles, my cashier was extremely fast and polite at the same time. We had a pleasant conversation. There is a computer counting system which reinforced the feeling of not having any bottles missed or uncounted. I received a stub and cashed in at another counter and I got more money back than I had expected! The whole experience took less than 10 minutes and was professional and smooth. Good job callingwood!!
This Depot run by ladies and I have always had a fast service. They are well organized, offer prompt service, they are friendly and it is clean and neat there.
I like the location of the depot. While the front of the "mall" is crowded and difficult to find parking at, I haven't had a problem getting parking close by, even when the depot is busy. I also like that I can get other errands done in the same trip.
Polite, hard working and friendly staff. Bright and clean and well-managed.New electronic monitors are a real improvement!
Very friendly and helpful employees. Very little waiting time. In and out fast. The Bottle Depot is clean and organized.
Every employee has a smile always on their face.
The employees are very efficient and knowledgeable regarding their job.
These guys are super hard working, always chatty and friendly. Every time I visit this bottle depot the staff are very efficient and always polite. These guys definitely deserve massive well done and keep up the excellent work!
Never treated as just another customer to process, staff always engaging, polite and professional. The environment is also enjoyable, really seems like the staff like to work there and with each other.
The staff is always upbeat and trustworthy. I was there today and they were all having fun singing to some awesome tunes on the radio. Most people would think that working in a bottle depot is not the most desireable job, but these staff members create a great environment for each other. Seems like they have a great deal of job satisfaction and made me smile, while they were at it.
Several individuals were extra friendly today (Dec 19) they took the time to speak to my 5yr old son not just ignore him like what happens at other places we go. One man was very kind and offered him a treat and took away the shopping carts for us he also offered to help me in with 3 heaping carts. Very nice to see
There was no line up and they were quick at the counter sorting the bottles. I was in and out in about 5 minutes. The young lady was also very friendly and courteous. It was a very pleasant experience.
The staff are always friendly and courteous. They work diligently to sort through the bags and bags of empty bottles and cans.
Staff do a great work in a thankless often dirty job with a smile
A Wolf Willow Manor we have a refundable program where a team of people collect, sort and bag refundable beverage container. We visit the depot once a month and get $210 or more. Service is excellent and we always try to get Rhonda as she is pleasant and efficient.
The Callingwood Bottle Depot should be applauded because most of the staff members are friendly and they do their jobs well. My only criticism of this depot is that the staff do not discourage smoking outside the entrance to the building. The reason why this is a problem is because during times when the service queue extends outside the building, those waiting near the entrance are forced to inhale carcinogens from patrons who selfishly smoke near the entrance.
Callingwood depot should be applaud for their happy faces no matter what day or time or how busy they are , very welcoming staff of all ages their one of my favortes from all the years I been recycling . I have recently moved from the country to the city and I was not treated like this in the country they were crabbie and not welcoming it took a lot of time for me to return my bottles , but here wow I don't let them stack up to long as I love this bottle friendly depot.. They are a smiling , friendly staff and will talk to you or anyone the best depot that I known in my years.
They are always working, it's a very busy depot, even if your in a long line, the wait time is very reasonable. Again it is organized and clean on the interior and exterior, the hand wash area is always stocked,cleaned and good to go. I own a coffee shop, I have been bringing my milk jugs here for 3 years, once every 2-3 weeks. The staff are efficient and smiling while they work. It's not an easy job but they are sure up yo the task. The most efficient girl (sorry,I should know her name) is the gal working the second stall on the right when you are walking in, Rhonda??
The people there are friendly and fast. They really work hard to make sure you can keep going with your day and I am really grateful for their friendly service. So often places like bottle depots are full of grumpy, depressed people. This depot is awesome and I am happy to visit it. Thank you for that!!!
All the staff were friendly and provided exceptional customer service! It has been years since I've been at a bottle depot and I was immensely surprised at how everything was done for me ...I recall before, many years ago, I had to empty all my bags & place all my returns upright in a box on the counter - and even remove all the caps - before my returns would be processed ... well, not so today! All I had to do was place my plastic bags full of my returns on the counter and the rest was all done for me - and in a timely manner too!! How wonderful!! Thank you sooo much for all of your hard work!! You are all so efficient & I had the best customer service today than I did in a long time (including grocery shopping). You deserve to be applauded & I truly appreciate the great experience at your bottle depot! I will return for sure - and tell all my friends to do so as well! Thank you again!
Cleaner , fresher and the ladies are friendly while efficient
We recently moved to Edmonton and found the Collingwood Depot the closest to our new home. We found a line up which was expected. Debbie was busy keeping the place tidy and returning carts for others to use. Although their was a line up and people were somewhat frustrated, Debbie greeted people with a cheer full smile and friendly salutations that went a long way in keeping people comfortable with the waiting in line. when I finally was beckoned by Ashley to her window she too greeted me with a warm and friendly welcoming. although she went about her counting and sorting, she was happy, pleasant and very cheerful. These ladies made this first visit a most positive experience and were anxiously engaged in keeping those of us in the lengthy line in having a happy and positive visit. Thank you for made the rest of the day go the same way! I was pleasingly impressed with these ladies and their happy attitude and choice to make their customers feel special that they chose to come to the Collingwood Depot. I look forward to the next visit. Thank you again
You don't expect smiles and friendly service at bottle depots. Usually, it's just long lines and surly service. It seems to be that Callingwood Depot goes out of its way to make the usually unpleasant bottle depot experience as pleasant as possible. Staff are polite and efficient, and I think the screens that count your bottle totals are great. Callingwood has made great strides towards improving the bottle depot experience, and I salute them.
Even under pressure(busy, bad day type of thing) they still get the work done fast&efficiently.
They do an excellent job of keeping things moving so the wait is minimal and they have friendly and polite staff.
Excellent service and very friendly staff!
Honest . Curtious. Did I mention they'll pretty
The people there are fast, friendly, and accurate. I love going there because the people are always friendly and even though there is usually a long line up, they work to get people through quick. I love that.
The Callingwood Depot has convenient hours. It is always clean. The staff is friendly and courteous even when patrons are rude to them. They are quick and accurate. This is a job many people would not consider doing however it provides an excellent service to our community and our environment.
it should be applauded because they have precise monitor to count the bottles that i am depositing.they count exactly.
Staff are friendly and helpful. Place is clean
I went in to the Callingwood Depot with a minivan full load of bottles, cans and jugs. Deonina was extra friendly and quick. I had been saving bottles for several months dreading the huge task of hauling them into the depot and my visit turned out to be an enjoyable and efficient experience. Thanks Callingwood Bottle Depot!
because they are very nice and friendly to everyone
because they are so kind and always smiling to everybody..ive noticed as always that they entertain all their clients as much as possible.thats why i really like the place
There a outstanding business !
Late summer hours, great surface, friendly staff
I have never been to such a well run depot in Edmonton!!
They should be applauded because the staff there are respectful and very welcoming. The lines moves very very fast, I get more monetary value for my bottles because the price shows as soon as anything is scanned unlike other depots i've been to.
They always are super fast! We never care if there is a long line up because they make it go by fast and they are always super nice!
Fast pace and organized.
because their fast and friendly!
They are friendly, and when I brought my 3 and 5 year old with me to watch, they offered my kids a lollipop; my kids LOVED it! They didn't expect a sweet treat to come from a "stinky" place (no offence) :) My kids want to come with me again next time. I like that because they will continue to see the benefits of recycling - maybe even learn to speed count!
I just moved into the neighbourhood this week in West Edmonton. This is the first time I made use of this particular bottle depot service and I would love to take the time to applaud My Depot because the workers are organized, friendly, and they provide quick, efficient service.
There was a long line out the door when we parked, but by the time we had our bottles loaded in a cart the line had already disappeared!
They take in bottles that don't go to the dump. It is recycling and I recycle as much as I can. It is being reused so we don't need to make more glass or plastic. They are hard working and smile often.
WE received excellent service and they were extra friendly to my grandson who is confined to a wheelchair. Stand up service!
The staff are very hard working and always busy. They always say hello and are very thorough. They don't ever complain and always seem to be happy!
It was a very busy day today at the Depot. Your staff were awesome and extremely pleasant to everyone, as the lineup never seemed to end. The young lady that looked after me was very personable and good at her job. Kudos, kudos,kudos!
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