Blue Heron Bottle Depot
5520 - 56 Avenue, 1 km east on Hwy 813, Athabasca, Alberta T9S 2A2
Raised $724.05 in 2020
and $56139.86 since 2009
for Alberta Cans for Kids
I love our little depot. They have also contributed to The Rainbow Society of Alberta to contribute to granting a wish for a seriously ill child. They go above and beyond. They also have a give and take shed which contributes to a greener earth and a happy bunch of people. Thank you to Rod and his staff for all they do for us.
They are happy, very polite and extremely helpful in all manners of business. The last time I went this summer we had a 4 horse trailer full of bottles to the top of trailer. Well they help us to back up and opened the door and proceeded to help us unload. They were laughing and joking and they took turns on different jobs to make it happen fast and efficient. I am so thankful for having this service and all the help that they give you when you take your returns into them. We received a large amount of funds and I split the money between the grandchildren that help to load the trailer. One of the boys had enough money to buy a used saddle for his horse. This was his first experience with the depot. He was very interested in the operation and to see how many hands it takes to recycle the bottles.He is looking forward to his next trip to drop off bottles. Thank you for always making our experience pleasant and rewarding.
They work very hard and do a great job and are always raising funds for a charitable cause.
Great service, honest people
I live near Lac La Biche and choose to use this depot because they seem honest and I also seem to get more money back then I would if I used Lac La Biche as it has very poor service and can be over a hour waiting in line-ups just to drop bottles off!. The level of service is excellent and staff are very friendly in Athabasca! I think it is great that they employ special needs people as well, as they all seem happy to be working there. Great job!!
The wife and I went there a day ago and found that the staff were as kind and helpful as they always were. Great service with a big smile. An enjoyable experience on a dreary day.
The staff at Blue Haron are awesome. All we do is back our horse trailer full of bags and boxes and they unload. All the proceeds go to Stollery Children's Hospital. They are polite, helpful and always cheerful. It's worth the extra miles to drive there and we will continue taking our recyclables to them.
I am a Special Education teacher. My ultimate goal for my students is for them to be contributing members in our community and for them to feel that they have a purpose. Our Blue Heron Recycling program hires many of my former students. They support them, treat them with respect and give them jobs! It is a positive environment where people are welcomed! I don't remember a time where any of the staff were rude or grumpy! I am so pleased that Blue Heron is in my community!
This depot, accepts large loads of recyclables without any frustrations about the work ahead to sort, and count and pay the customers, and they also help unload your trucks or trailers. This depot is honest, and most importantly, this depot supplies work for the handicapped people in which makes them feel worthy of providing a fantastic job each and every time. I continually encourage others to bring their recyclables to this depot. It is a pleasure doing business here and for the fact that a large load of bottles and cans does not discourage them, this is greatly appreciated. We get served with the best service at this depot. Congrats to each and everyone that works here...a job well done.
The Athabasca Blue Heron bottle depot donates every month to the Road to Hope Community Support Foundation, who transports cancer patients from the counties of Athabasca and Lac La Biche to and from their treatments. Since January 2014 they have donated $4,683.10 to our cancer support group. We APPLAUD them !!!
Everyone that works here is very pleasant and they do their jobs quickly and efficiently. They always have a welcoming smile for customers. The facility is clean. You are helped quickly.
Everyone of the employees are happy and pleasant every time I go in. Many of them volunteer around the community, which is Awesome! Also they are extremely helpful when I bring bottles in to support our local cheer teams!!
Rod,the manager, is so friendly and cheerful. I work as a Special Education teacher and Rod, and the previous manager, Rob have been so supportive of giving my students work experience. They believe all students should be given the skills to be productive, contributing people in our community. They believe it and support it by giving those with cognitive delays, the opportunity to learn a skill, get a job and make a difference in our community. All the workers are efficient and friendly! They continue to grow as a business so that our community can Reduce,Reuse,Recycle. THEY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! Thank-you Blue Heron!!
Athabasca hires staff that are handicapped or have some sort of disability and it is so nice to see people like this work they are very happy, friendly, and helpful. Hats off to them.
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