Westlock Bottle Depot
9331 110A St, Westlock, Alberta T7P 2M5
Closed. Opens in 44 minutes
Raised $5789.80 since 2009
for Alberta Cans for Kids
I applaud this depot because the staff is always friendly and the services is fast. Keep up the great work!!
Well again, they're honest in their count and beyond that, personable to their customers. I've been there 4 times. Been to Leduc 10 times (at least) over the years and twice to Devon, AB while on my way to Westlock on business. Seems the bottle depots assume that people with the larger orders get their bottles from community functions or ditches so therefore they don't require their proper and honest refund. In fact the people that go through the trouble of recycling from wherever and whomever are deserving of their 'just refund' without cheating.
They get the work done fast and they are never rude! They are all really good people! :)
All of the employees at the depot are amazing. They drop anything to give you the quickest friendliest service. I wish ALL businesses were like this one.
thiey have have good friendly service. and thier alwwys very helpful
They have fast and friendly service.
I go out of my way to bring my bottles to the depot in Westlock. They are always so friendly & seem to just want to serve you! They are fast & efficient, even willing to come out & help me get my bags out of the box of my truck. I have had a few personal items "placed" by little finger unknowingly in my bags only to have the item safely returned by the honest staff. I am very happy with the great service at my local bottle depot!
The staff was courteous and happy to meet extra expectations. They were prompt and professional and courteous.
Fast, courteous service with a smile.
They went over and above all expectations that I would have had, even offered to carry my containers for my empties back to my truck! For someone working on a Saturday, that's a great way to be in my books! I have always experienced nothing but the utmost of professionalism from all of the staff.
This depot NEEDS to be applauded for a number of reasons: 1) They were polite and courteous 2) They worked their butts off 3) They were fast and efficient 4) They will work this much needed service when not many others would 5) AND they were KIND.
The Westlock depot is my favorite and I've been to a few others...the staff there is helpful and happy and very consumer wised. Everytime I go there I am greeted with a happy face and they make me feel real good about recycling. It is not just about the money, which is an incentive but they make you feel welcome and good about doing something good for others.
I really appreciate that the depot is open 6 days a week for 6 hours a day. It is much easier to use their services with more available hours. We have always found them to be very friendly and helpful. They are very fast and efficient, so your wait is not very long at all.
While waiting for my bottles to be sorted, I witnessed the camaraderie between the employees. This makes for a very good working environment and a pleasure for the customer. In addition, I was very impressed with the wonderful wall murals that cover the halls to the washroom and office, as well as the interior of the depot. I complimented the employee who did the payout of the bottle money and he indicated the painting was done by one of their employees. This employee needs to be commended for his dedication for improving the surroundings, in addition to his manager for supporting this wonderful endeavour. It really makes a difference in what would otherwise be a drab warehouse interior.
They do a super job of getting you taken care of quickly and efficiently
The staff here are very friendly and efficient. Made returning the containers a nice occasion rather than a chore. They also have fresh coffee and a little second hand sale area while you wait.
They are quick and nice people.
Hard Staff Open to hiring all kinds of people. Friendly courteous people.
because there custermer service is very friendly
Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your customers!!
They are always friendly. Ready to help and fast at counting the bottles up.
This is a hard job, especially in the summer with all the stinging wasps buzzing around. Bottles have sugary / sticky fluid that smell and there is always the chance for cuts from glass or tin cans. It doesn't pay the greatest but is a necessary job if we don't want to landfill all this reusable material. All these workers should be congratulated for doing a valuable service for any community. I like the idea that I can drop off my used oil at the same location for recycling. They apparently recycle used clothes for a small fee as well.
I am always greeted with a smile, and never have to wait long for my bottles to be counted.
Friendly staff
Because they have fast friendly service. They are always there the minute you pull up and they count the bottles them selves!
Westlock Bottle Depot is very involved within the community, youth organizations and charities.
They are friendly - efficient and keep a very nice and tidy depot
They are so very pleasant, no matter how miserable some people can be sometimes.
The personnel at this depot are very efficient in what they do. They are always very pleasant and friendly to us. These are the main reasons we always return to this depot and we offer our acknowledgement to them.
The manager, Eric, always has a friendly smile and greeting for customers.
Friendly, efficient, accommodating
They deal with many customers a day and are quick, friendly and efficient
They have always given great service, always with a smile, and have a quick process.
Bcause they take the time to count the bottles and they r respect full
I find their service to be quick and efficient. They can handle any amount with ease. I even went there in a grain truck with a very sizable load and although I got many a look of fear they still took care of everything.
Our bottle depo was very fast and efficient. They are very friendly
The staff is very friendly and gives prompt service.
They are always fast and friendly. Even when people come in with huge loads, they find a way to get others in and out quickly. Never an issue taking our empties there. Keep up the great work Westlock Bottle Depot.
I think this bottle depot should be applauded for all of the fund raising they do for organizations and hiring people with special needs. The people working at this bottle depot are very courteous and friendly. I would recommend this bottle depot to anyone!!
I think my depot should be applauded because no matter what in the heat or in the cold they are always smiling and providing top notch service . they are always professional and accurate and take pride in their jobs. I am honored to have the best depot in my hometown !!!
Fast and good customer services
The staff are friendly. Nice to see someone smiling while doing their job. Very efficient.
I should Applaud our depot specially here in westlock because they help us to raise money through fundraiser Collect A Bottle campaign and we send the proceeds to our family, friends and relatives in the Philippines who are affected by the Typhoon Hayan last November 2013 ..And they also help the goverment in conserving the space in the landfill, it can also help reduce the number of waste in the road because i always see somebody who are picking up empty plastic bottles in the roadway everyday when i was going to my work here in Boston Pizza Westlock..
The people at the bottle depot are always friendly and in a good mood. No job is to big They work really efficient. I bring in my bottles, get a colored stick and when I come back, my money is waiting
Staff are always courteous a friendly
Because the staff is ALWAYS helpful, friendly and efficient!
westlock bottle depot they have corporate citizenship for donating the bottle to poor people and also for the charity
they have good service and friendly staff
Very helpfull
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